Extreme Wine Deals is all about the deal. We're dedicated to the art of the wine deal. And we have been making deals in the wine industry for over 45 years.

Business is about relationships and trust. If people trust you, they do business with you. And we have not only built trust with our customers over the past 45 years... we have that same trust on the other side of the transaction: the wineries.

Extreme Wine Deals was founded by the Kalemkiarian family, who also founded the Original Wine of the Month Club®. We found that we were tasting so many more great wine values than we were able to take advantage of for our club members. And then it hit us: We need to make an outlet for all these great wine values that come through our door - wines that are substantially marked down, not only from their MSRP, but also well below their current average Internet price. YOU CANNOT FIND THESE WINES LESS EXPENSIVE ANYWHERE.

Take a ride with us through the world of wine and discover some amazing values and don’t be shy... they are all guaranteed. What we hope is that you become a big fan. And the only way this will happen is if I ensure that you receive only the highest value in trade for your loyalty and business.

If you are interested in who we are, just google Paul Kalemkiarian and you will have plenty to read.